The main hall

Starting with our biggest pearl

50 Square meters of cyclorama wall

at a 6-meter height.

As far as we know, this is the industry's biggest permanent infinity wall, including ceiling

net-rig and beautiful daylight.

Pure white and ready to shoot, you can create giant scenes or perhaps split the space in 2/3, creating two areas of simultaneous work.

Beauty area

To provide the best possible working conditions for make-up and hair artists, we created a comfortable work area, paying attention to the smallest details.

Styling room

A comfortable and well-equipped styling space

featuring lighted shelves and hanging areas,

as well as a luxurious dressing room.

The kitchenette

A kitchen full of good things will serve you

throughout the production day.

Fresh bean coffee, tea infusions,

breakfast sandwiches and more.

The lounge

Rest is crucial. A large table for 14 staff members will serve you during lunch break, and the smoking area is only a few meters away.

Pricing plans

*During this challenging time that we are facing, nothing is certain.

Our grand opening has been postponed for now.

Although we are facing issues with completing the makeover,

we decided to open the doors in this running period for all creators

at 60-70% discount

Studio H1 – 12 Hours

250 Square meters of space

10-meter long by 6-meter high white cyclorama wall

equipped styling room, beauty area, kitchen, and lounge

Only 3000 Nis + vat

300 Nis + vat for every additional hour


Ready to shoot top rig: 1000 Nis + vat

*Includes four units of Aperture 600 watts with soft cloth

Scissor Lift: 200 Nis + vat

*Working at Heights Permit is required

** Prices and services can change at any moment.

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